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Live review of The Poppy Folk Club, 19th Feb 2012 in The Nottingham Post

Good humoured verbal snapshots of everyday life mingled with the folk dances and songs delivered by melodeon player Will Hampson and his fiddler wife Bryony Griffith.

Not that they lacked a romantic side. When Griffith announced their opener as Come Up The Stairs With Me, the packed house responded with audible approval.

The ballad of the Lady of York – a version of the babes in the wood fable – created a darker mood. But the woe was relieved by a merry chorus.

Bryony’s distinctive voice and the pair’s colourful playing made for compelling renditions. The fare continued to ring the emotional changes, Griffith performing a shanty before lining up Nine Green Bottles.

A foray into Lancashire followed her solo account of a Luddite song, while the second half kicked off with a French lyric.

Singing along at every cue, the Poppy audience showed its appreciation of traditional material. Only a reference to Toton-born singer Anne Briggs drew little reaction, no doubt because she fled the public gaze in the 1960s.

After Laudnam Bunches had segued into The Miller of Mansfield, something really gory ensued. Lady Diamond, the title song of the duo’s debut album, told of a princess and an ill-fated kitchen boy.

From Cornwall, the Ringers Of Egloshayle lightened the horizon, and the visitors returned with the lilting Faithful Johnny.


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